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U4ia (Premium)

What is so special about U4ia?

U4ia is our range of sportswear that uses various highly intelligent technical fabrics developed, in Italy to give the most comfortable and high performing sportswear fabric "in the world". These fabrics are the most sought-after fabrics by high end fashion houses, for the creation of garments for competitive sports and for every type of physical activity.

U4ia is cool and breathable, resistant and protective against external agents. It offers excellent performance and perfect wear-ability, through the application of ADAPTIVE in the manufacturing process. The fabric is also UV factor 50 and will last in chlorine conditions for at least 167 hours before any deterioration is noticed. Imagine if it lasts that long in those conditions how long it will last for your sport. The shape retention will last for years (subject to following washing instructions). It also dries twice as quick as other fabrics, so no need to tumble dry and therefore, far more climate friendly.


ADAPTIVE is dynamic cooling, dynamic moisture management and dynamic comfort all rolled into one. ADAPTIVE helps fabrics move, breathe, and live with you.

Through advanced technology, ADAPTIVE intelligently adjusts your garment to your level of activity – and seamlessly complements your body as it moves and breathes in other words, garments actually adapt to your constantly changing environment, keeping you feeling warm when you are cold and helping you cool down when you are warm. As a result, you’re always at the top of your game.

The treated textile becomes an enhanced, interactive surface that offers superior comfort at every exertion level. ADAPTIVE gives you the freedom to concentrate on what you’re doing – not what you’re wearing while you do it.

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